AFA launches StartUpAcademy

Startup Academy

The brand new service for companies we believe in.
Have an idea for a business, product, or service?

Maybe customers already created a business plan but are stuck on marketing, or maybe they're struggling to find new customers, whether domestically or internationally. If AFA customers don’t know how to transform their plan into a viable business, AFA StartUp Academy can help. With our experience in management, franchising, strategy, marketing, and development, AFAStartUpAcademy can work with StartUps from the early stages and together grow the business into a super-brand.

Asian Franchise Academy, as the name suggests, traditionally helps franchise brands with new market entries. At this point, all our customers already celebrate their success with AFA. Now we are adding new services by assisting up and coming brands at a much earlier business stage. From the "ground-up".

We now help create a fully fledged business expansion strategy, conduct research in international markets within the retail and hospitality sector to address unanswered issues, and gauge the resources needed—time, expertise, and people through an international network of AFA partners.

We can help reach out to the best consultants in the business, prepared with solid information and outstanding presentation materials. AFAstartupAcademy consultants have varied skill sets and diverse backgrounds in the business world and can bring a fresh, objective point of view as they work with StartUp's to lay the foundation for success. StartUpAcademy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asian Franchise Academy with partner offices in 25 countries.

Startups need outside experts who can do the work, as well as provide training on what needs to be done. That’s called leading by example, and it is actually appreciated by businesses of every size. In our view, it’s time to eliminate the hurdles, as well as focus on activities and approaches that appeal more to the growing volume of small businesses today.

Join the fastest growing business expansion and franchise consultancy

Businesses stopped hiring for lifetime commitments some time ago, as markets change so rapidly and companies need to tune their workforce for changing economic conditions. It’s time to move from traditional consulting to a freelance execution role as a hands-on interim professional or executive. AFA partners are highly experienced with a network of consultants in 25 countries.

We Deliver results rather
than recommendations.

PowerPoint presentations are not business results. If AFA customer need services and support procedures, then our deliverables will include customized creation, implementation and training, rather than simply recommendations on what to include.

Social media have transformed the business world. There are expert blogs and curation sites and AFA takes pride in constant updates throughout social media on behalf of our customers.

AFA StartUp Academy adapts a style
to meet the new business work models.

Our dress code and decision process is informal with frequent communication. We adapt to our customers culture to fit in, rather than continue to act and look like an outsider. If the StartUp team is distributed around the world, we can handle this challenge with partners around the world we are ideally placed to propel any company forward.

We are responsive to every
customer communication.

Many consultants today are hard to contact between scheduled meetings, due to their formal communication processes. It's time to adopt a more customer's favourite mode of communication, whether that be texting, phone calls or social media, and not limit responses to office hours. At AFA we are known for instant actions 24/7.

AFA StartUp Academy willing and able
to work at all organization levels.

A client relationship suggests that the consultant is in charge, whereas the customer designation recognizes the more modern model of the customer in control. It also highlights all aspects of required customer service, satisfaction, loyalty and referrals to peers. At AFA we like a more holistic approach.

AFA StartUp Academy adopts a
project-based revenue model.

Agreements based on projects to be completed, rather than an hourly rate, put the focus on quantifiable business outputs vs time spent.

We treat every StartUp company
as a partner, not a client.

Leadership by example works at all levels of a company. It is not limited to the realm of the top executive or board of directors, who could bring in consultants for studies and analysis. AFA specialists can justify their cost based on more direct return on investment.

AFA consultants, your
global partners for expansion.

AFA consultants are specialists and business expansion professionals and are already seen as experts who do the work, rather than just make recommendations for others. AFA consultants always go the extra mile.

Why AFA-StartUp Academy makes sense?

The number of startups is at least an order of magnitude larger than big companies. The startup world today doesn’t need consultants, but they do need specialists and professionals with experience and expertise who can do the job, and provide coaching while producing results, at a predictable cost.
AFA StartUp Academy has been developed by Asian Franchise Academy. The group has become the world’s fastest growing business expansion and franchise consultancy with partner offices in some 25 countries and growing.
We created StartUp Academy to assist young, upcoming brands early and work with these brands from the beginning and with experts around the world. We are placed like no other consultancy to coach, develop, grow the great brands of tomorrow - TODAY.
Wouldn’t you like to be an exclusive country partner with AFA? We teach you the business from the ground up and every step is a step closer to your success.
AFA StartUp Academy is only available through AFA country partners.