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What should be more fun than growing your
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international footprint. As a fully trained
partner, you'll be helping to assist
entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses,
finding an ideal franchise opportunity and
determine which franchise fits.

5 Perfect Days in
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
09:00 Seminar “So, you like to be a franchise expert”
Your journey starts now. Pros and Cons from
the presprective of the franchisee and
11:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
11:15 Introduction to Franchising, history, the present
market and future (the future looks bright)
13:00 Lunch 30 Minutes
13:30 How to identify an emerging franchise, Key
15:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
15:15 Franchise business in the USA, the middle East,
Asia and Asia Pacific
19:00 Close
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Identified a Franchisors? What's Next
11:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
11:15 Your first contact with Franchisor.
The 30 second secret, Your compelling business case.
13:00 Lunch 30 Minutes
13:30 Meet your Franchisor.
Feed their imagination. The bigger picture
15:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
15:15 How to create the perfect win win situation.
Impress the franchisor.
How to increase your benefits
19:00 Close
19:00 City Walk Project. Participants will be asked to walk around the city and identify franchised outlets. Each participant must select a different brand
21:00 Meet for Dinner. Italian in the city centre. Group discussion.
Each participant will now be asked to research the brand
they have selected and present the research the next morning
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Seminar. Each participant will make a small presentation about the company they researched the night before
11:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
11:15 You are not alone. How to research potential master franchisees. Advertise vs Direct approach
13:00 Lunch 30 Minutes
13:30 Know your product, know your market. How to never loose face.
15:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
15:15 Never Sell a Franchise. ( How to award rather than sell )
16:00 Create the need. How to use PR, Marketing, effectively
17:00 Close
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Seminar Fishing for prospects. Identify poor enquiries early. First email, First Skype, First Call
11:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
11:15 Prospect Identified, interest established. “Drip Feed” the prospect. What to and what not to send prospects
13:00 Lunch 30 Minutes
13:30 Prospect raises objections? Overcome Objections immediately. Possible Objections and sample answers Participants will be asked to email me answers to my objections before
15:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
15:15 Group Discussion to overcoming of objections
17:00 Close
18:00 Dinner with Nature. Minibus to take us to a social evening in the country.
23:00 Return to hotel
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Franchise Fees, Royalties, Marketing Levy, Minimum outlet requirements,
11:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
11:15 Justify your pricing, Calculations, Demographics, population densities
13:00 Lunch 30 Minutes
13:30 Let’s go Legal. The Master Franchise Agreement, The Sub-franchise agreement,
15:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
15:15 Let’s go legal continues
16:00 Appointment and process of sub-franchisees. (Your relationship with franchisor, master franchisee and sub-franchisees)
17:00 Close
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Seminar To close the franchise deal. Fee payments, deposit, balance payments and options.
11:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
11:15 The double edged sword. How to increase your income with the appointed master franchisee
13:00 Lunch 30 Minutes
13:30 Create your own destiny. You are indispensable
15:00 Coffee Break 15 Minutes
15:15 Ongoing Support to franchisor, master franchisee, and sub-franchisee.. Create the perfect balance
17:00 Close
Leaving dinner at the Riverside Restaurant with presentation of certificates.
Become a Partner,
with 5 STAR training
in Thailand

Sky is
the limit!

Our AFA Partners will be franchisees within their chosen territory. The Franchise license is for 5 years with no renewal fee for a further 5 years. AFA is fully exportable.

Just look at what’s on offer.

  • New Laptop computer, standard equivalent of HP, issued on the first training day. (have your own laptop? Bring it with you and deduct $ 600 from the franchise fee)
  • Six day training course in Chiang Mai Thailand with certificate AFA Partner (please note, travel to and from Chiang Mai has to paid for by yourself, naturally )
  • Hotel on the basis of Bed and Breakfast included in the price, all lunches, coffee breaks etc 3 dinners at various locations. Hotel of 4 star standard.
  • Business cards and Stationery.
  • Website e.g.
  • Includes a defined Country “Master Franchise agreement” permitting the master franchisee all rights to on sell multiple franchisees within the Country borders that automatically gives the rights of an intellectual Property license to all on sold franchisees & licenses them within the agreed borders subject to the appropriate legal agreement between the master Franchisee and individual sub franchisee
  • Trade Mark property and imagery as well as all defined marketing collateral across hard and digital print media
  • Full access and IP of the Asian Franchise Academy of your country, website design and booking engine technology incorporating a build of a fully content managed site in the country of origin
  • Managed website production from domain name through to hosting
  • The on-going support of the AFA Franchise consultancy which provides operational guidance and support as well as develops all global marketing activity and in country PR and traffic building strategies
  • The on-going involvement of AFA with direct access to the support services team across, design, procurement, marketing, client recruitment process.
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