About Us
Asian Franchise Academy is fast becoming Asia's most well-respected franchise consulting firms - we've helped many individuals find a franchise business that meets their personal, business, lifestyle and financial goals (and at the same time advising them against some potential disasters.)

Our task is simple

To introduce Franchisors from around the
world to potential Franchisees. We are proud
to be responsible for setting up successful
business relationships for the world's top

For Franchisees

We offer a free Franchisee
Evaluation Service which helps
and guides you to your perfect
investment. We use our
knowledge and experience
within the franchise industry to
provide you with suitable
investment opportunities from
our vast portfolio of companies.
These Companies all have one
thing in common - to find
people like you to represent
their brand and enjoy in their

For Franchisors

We are Franchisors ourselves so
we know exactly how important
it is that every lead is a quality,
reliable that our experience and
our bespoke methods of lead
generation give us the edge
over our competitors.

Our Values


'Customer is King' means
all our energies are
directed to deliver an
engaging and delightful


Evolve offerings to
embrace cross border
consumer needs, while
conforming to local
nuances and practices


Stay above board through
well-defined processes to
ensure successful results


Needs are diverse, yet
time is the essence.
Keeping with this notion
we addres every query
in a systematic and timely